Air Diver Soars Close to Home

“I’ve been on the team for over 20 years,” Lohr-Matrone said.

It has been an impressive 20-plus years.

“I personally have over 2,200 jumps and four world records,” Lohr-Matrone said. She holds the records for largest freefall formation and earned two records for the largest two-point freefall formation plus the largest women’s freefall formation. Lohr-Matrone works inside a plane as well as out. “I also have my pilot’s license,” she said.

As for the shows, she said her favorite part of participating is always the audience. “It’s wonderful to hear them cheering when we land,” Lohr-Matrone said. “Afterwards, we hand out stickers to the kids. Meeting the people has been wonderful.”

She has plenty of opportunities to meet new faces. Because Misty Blues is also an international team, Lohr-Matrone has been able to travel widely.

The highlight “was, for me, Japan,” she said.

Together, the team has performed more than 20,000 jumps and multiple records, including the largest women’s freefall formation. But while Lohr-Matrone insists there is no major difference between being on a co-ed team or an all- women’s team, she understands the novelty of the latter.

“It is a male dominated sport so to have an all women’s team is pretty amazing,” Lohr-Matrone said.

But isn’t it scary jumping out of a plane?

“Not so much anymore. There is a certain degree of respect you have to have for the sport,” Lohr-Matrone said. She explained that a lot of hard work and careful planning go into making each jump successful and that all the equipment is ready and everyone has done their job correctly.

Lohr-Matrone is excited to be participating in this year’s air show with her teammates.

“I was very impressed with the lineup for the Bethpage show, I think it’s going to be a great show,” she said. “We’ve got a really good team and we really enjoy getting together to do these shows.”

In addition to the Misty Blues, the Air show will also feature performances by the Royal Canadian Air Force F-18 Demonstration Team, the Raiders Demonstration Team, the Red Bull Air Force Skydiver Parachute Team and many more.

“We enhanced the civilian show,” explained Linda Armyn, Senior Vice President, Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Armyn has been producing the show for the past 10 years.

“It’s going to be a full day of air show and I think it’s going to be a fantastic show,” Armyn said.

Armyn was able to explain some of the new features of this years show, including Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach 10th Anniversary App, which will be available on iTunes. The App will allow attendees to get up-to-the minute information on parking field availability, listen to live aircraft-to-tower communications from Republic Airport, share content and easily find vendors, attractions and so much more.

“Also new this year is the 10th Anniversary commemoration DVD, which shows what happens at the beach and what goes into making the Air Show,” Armyn said.